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Non-coding DNA and RNA

Section edited by Isidore Rigoutsos

This section focuses on the experimental and computational analysis of non-coding DNA and of the numerous short and long RNAs that are transcribed from the genomes of eukaryotic organisms. Suitable topics include the principles of genomic architecture and organization, intra- and inter-genomic studies of regulatory regions, mechanisms of RNA biogenesis and processing, biochemical and molecular analyses of individual RNAs or of classes of RNAs, elucidation of the molecular interactions between RNAs and their targets, functional examination of the roles of RNAs in the context of a specific cell type or cell state, and system level investigations of currently uncharacterized or poorly characterized categories of RNAs.

  1. Weaning stress affects the small intestine of piglets. MiR-146b is differentially expressed in suckling and weaned piglets. In this study, we evaluated the effects of miR-146b on cell viability, proliferation,...

    Authors: Xin Tao, Shujie Liu, Xiaoming Men and Ziwei Xu
    Citation: Biology Direct 2017 12:27
  2. Most of the eukaryotic genome is transcribed, yielding a complex network of transcripts including thousands of lncRNAs that generally lack protein coding potential. However, only a small percentage of these mo...

    Authors: Herah Hansji, Euphemia Y. Leung, Bruce C. Baguley, Graeme J. Finlay, David Cameron-Smith, Vandre C. Figueiredo and Marjan E. Askarian-Amiri
    Citation: Biology Direct 2016 11:62
  3. When a field shares the consensus that a particular phenomenon does NOT occur, this may reflect extensive experimental investigations with negative outcomes, or may represent the “common sense” position based ...

    Authors: Neil R Smalheiser and Octavio L A Gomes
    Citation: Biology Direct 2014 10:27
  4. The stability of long intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) that possess tissue/cell-specific expression, might be closely related to their physiological functions. However, the mechanism associated with stabi...

    Authors: Lei Wang, Dequan Zhou, Jing Tu, Yan Wang and Zuhong Lu
    Citation: Biology Direct 2014 9:15
  5. For the anucleate platelet it has been unclear how well platelet transcriptomes correlate among different donors or across different RNA profiling platforms, and what the transcriptomes’ relationship is with t...

    Authors: Eric R Londin, Eleftheria Hatzimichael, Phillipe Loher, Leonard Edelstein, Chad Shaw, Kathleen Delgrosso, Paolo Fortina, Paul F Bray, Steven E McKenzie and Isidore Rigoutsos
    Citation: Biology Direct 2014 9:3

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