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  1. Composition of microbial communities can be location-specific, and the different abundance of taxon within location could help us to unravel city-specific signature and predict the sample origin locations accu...

    Authors: Runzhi Zhang, Alejandro R. Walker and Susmita Datta
    Citation: Biology Direct 2021 16:1
  2. Knowing the “point of view” of the immune system is essential to understand the characteristic of a pandemic, such as that generated by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV)-2, responsib...

    Authors: Ivana Celardo, Luigia Pace, Loredana Cifaldi, Carlo Gaudio and Vincenzo Barnaba
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:30
  3. Many hypotheses have been proposed for how sexual reproduction may facilitate an increase in the population mean fitness, such as the Fisher-Muller theory, Muller’s ratchet and others. According to the recentl...

    Authors: Liudmyla Vasylenko, Marcus W. Feldman and Adi Livnat
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:26
  4. Aetiogenesis of cancer has not been fully determined. Recent advances have clearly defined a role for microenvironmental factors in cancer progression and initiation; in this context, microbiome has recently e...

    Authors: Ivana Celardo, Gerry Melino and Ivano Amelio
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:25
  5. Chron’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory intestinal disease, first described at the beginning of the last century. The disease is characterized by the alternation of periods of flares and remissions influence...

    Authors: L. Petagna, A. Antonelli, C. Ganini, V. Bellato, M. Campanelli, A. Divizia, C. Efrati, M. Franceschilli, A. M. Guida, S. Ingallinella, F. Montagnese, B. Sensi, L. Siragusa and G. S. Sica
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:23
  6. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection spreaded rapidly worldwide, as far as it has become a global pandemic. Therefore, the introduction of serological tests for determination ...

    Authors: Annalisa Noce, Maria Luisa Santoro, Giulia Marrone, Cartesio D’Agostini, Ivano Amelio, Andrea Duggento, Manfredi Tesauro and Nicola Di Daniele
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:21
  7. The nematode worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, is a saprophytic species that has been emerging as a standard model organism since the early 1960s. This species is useful in numerous fields, including developmental bi...

    Authors: Peng-Cheng Chen, Li Ruan, Jie Jin, Yu-Tian Tao, Xiao-Bao Ding, Hai-bo Zhang, Wen-Ping Guo, Qiao-lei Yang, Heng Yao and Xin Chen
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:20
  8. The identification of individual or clusters of predictive genetic alterations might help in defining the outcome of cancer treatment, allowing for the stratification of patients into distinct cohorts for sele...

    Authors: Ivano Amelio, Riccardo Bertolo, Pierluigi Bove, Eleonora Candi, Marcello Chiocchi, Chiara Cipriani, Nicola Di Daniele, Carlo Ganini, Hartmut Juhl, Alessandro Mauriello, Carla Marani, John Marshall, Manuela Montanaro, Giampiero Palmieri, Mauro Piacentini, Giuseppe Sica…
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:18
  9. The transamidase complex is a molecular machine in the endoplasmic reticulum of eukaryotes that attaches a glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) lipid anchor to substrate proteins after cleaving a C-terminal prop...

    Authors: Chinh Tran-To Su, Swati Sinha, Birgit Eisenhaber and Frank Eisenhaber
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:14
  10. Inferring the mechanisms that drive transcriptional regulation is of great interest to biologists. Generally, methods that predict physical interactions between transcription factors (TFs) based on positional ...

    Authors: Stefano Perna, Pietro Pinoli, Stefano Ceri and Limsoon Wong
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:13
  11. AMDock (Assisted Molecular Docking) is a user-friendly graphical tool to assist in the docking of protein-ligand complexes using Autodock Vina and AutoDock4, including the option of using the Autodock4Zn force...

    Authors: Mario S. Valdés-Tresanco, Mario E. Valdés-Tresanco, Pedro A. Valiente and Ernesto Moreno
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:12
  12. LINC00426 is a newly identified long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) with unacknowledged biological roles. Here we set out to characterize the expression status of LINC00426 in osteosarcoma and understand its mechanis...

    Authors: Lulin Wang, Yi Luo, Yiquan Zheng, Lifeng Zheng, Wenxiang Lin, Zonglin Chen, Shichun Wu, Jinhong Chen and Yun Xie
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:11
  13. Glioma is one of the most common malignant brain tumors and exhibits low resection rate and high recurrence risk. Although a large number of glioma studies powered by high-throughput sequencing technologies ha...

    Authors: Lin Liu, Guangyu Wang, Liguo Wang, Chunlei Yu, Mengwei Li, Shuhui Song, Lili Hao, Lina Ma and Zhang Zhang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:10
  14. The origin of the selective nuclear protein import machinery, which consists of nuclear pore complexes and adaptor molecules interacting with the nuclear localization signals (NLSs) of cargo molecules, is one ...

    Authors: Olga M. Lisitsyna, Margarita A. Kurnaeva, Eugene A. Arifulin, Maria Y. Shubina, Yana R. Musinova, Andrey A. Mironov and Eugene V. Sheval
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:9
  15. Accurate classification of different Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) species is essential for therapy, prognosis assessment and research. The taxonomic status of BCC remains problematic and an improved knowled...

    Authors: Yuan Jin, Jianglin Zhou, Jing Zhou, Mingda Hu, Qi Zhang, Na Kong, Hongguang Ren, Long Liang and Junjie Yue
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:6
  16. Until recently, our planet was thought to be home to ~ 107 species, largely belonging to plants and animals. Despite being the most abundant organisms on Earth, the contribution of microbial life to global biodiv...

    Authors: Jay T. Lennon and Kenneth J. Locey
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:5
  17. Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a major concern in drug development, as hepatotoxicity may not be apparent at early stages but can lead to life threatening consequences. The ability to predict DILI from in...

    Authors: Marco Chierici, Margherita Francescatto, Nicole Bussola, Giuseppe Jurman and Cesare Furlanello
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:3
  18. Nutrition plays a crucial role in regulating reproductive hormones and follicular development in cattle. This is visible particularly during the time of negative energy balance at the onset of milk production ...

    Authors: Mohamed Omari, Alexander Lange, Julia Plöntzke and Susanna Röblitz
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:2
  19. Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a serious concern during drug development and the treatment of human disease. The ability to accurately predict DILI risk could yield significant improvements in drug attrit...

    Authors: G. Rex Sumsion, Michael S. Bradshaw III, Jeremy T. Beales, Emi Ford, Griffin R. G. Caryotakis, Daniel J. Garrett, Emily D. LeBaron, Ifeanyichukwu O. Nwosu and Stephen R. Piccolo
    Citation: Biology Direct 2020 15:1
  20. Patients diagnosed as diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) with CD5 positive normally have a worse outcome and poorly respond to the regulatory treatment strategy.

    Authors: Qingyuan Qu, Ying Li, Xiaosheng Fang, Lingyan Zhang, Chao Xue, Xueling Ge, Xin Wang and Yujie Jiang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:23
  21. Recently high-throughput technologies have been massively used alongside clinical tests to study various types of cancer. Data generated in such large-scale studies are heterogeneous, of different types and fo...

    Authors: Iliyan Mihaylov, Maciej Kańduła, Milko Krachunov and Dimitar Vassilev
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:22
  22. Metaproteomics allows to decipher the structure and functionality of microbial communities. Despite its rapid development, crucial steps such as the creation of standardized protein search databases and reliab...

    Authors: Johannes Werner, Augustin Géron, Jules Kerssemakers and Sabine Matallana-Surget
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:21
  23. Accumulating evidence suggests that the human microbiome impacts individual and public health. City subway systems are human-dense environments, where passengers often exchange microbes. The MetaSUB project pa...

    Authors: Chengsheng Zhu, Maximilian Miller, Nick Lusskin, Yannick Mahlich, Yanran Wang, Zishuo Zeng and Yana Bromberg
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:19
  24. Determining the factors involved in the likelihood of a gene being under adaptive selection is still a challenging goal in Evolutionary Biology. Here, we perform an evolutionary analysis of the human metabolic...

    Authors: Begoña Dobon, Ludovica Montanucci, Juli Peretó, Jaume Bertranpetit and Hafid Laayouni
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:17
  25. Neuroblastoma is one of the most common types of pediatric cancer. In current neuroblastoma prognosis, patients can be stratified into high- and low-risk groups. Generally, more than 90% of the patients in the...

    Authors: Yatong Han, Xiufen Ye, Chao Wang, Yusong Liu, Siyuan Zhang, Weixing Feng, Kun Huang and Jie Zhang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:16
  26. The availability of hundreds of city microbiome profiles allows the development of increasingly accurate predictors of the origin of a sample based on its microbiota composition. Typical microbiome studies inv...

    Authors: Carlos S. Casimiro-Soriguer, Carlos Loucera, Javier Perez Florido, Daniel López-López and Joaquin Dopazo
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:15
  27. CB2 (cannabinoid receptor 2) agonists have been shown to exert anti-tumor activities in different tumor types. However, there is no study exploring the role of MDA19 (a novel CB2 agonist) in tumors. In this study...

    Authors: Mei Rao, Dongfeng Chen, Peng Zhan and Jianqing Jiang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:9
  28. Integrating the rich information from multi-omics data has been a popular approach to survival prediction and bio-marker identification for several cancer studies. To facilitate the integrative analysis of mul...

    Authors: So Yeon Kim, Hyun-Hwan Jeong, Jaesik Kim, Jeong-Hyeon Moon and Kyung-Ah Sohn
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:8
  29. Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) acts as an important tropic economic crop and rubber tree anthracnose, mainly caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, is one of the most common fungal disease, which leads to se...

    Authors: Hongyan Yin, Xiaodong Zhang, Bei Zhang, Hongli Luo and Chaozu He
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:7
  30. Splice sites prediction has been a long-standing problem in bioinformatics. Although many computational approaches developed for splice site prediction have achieved satisfactory accuracy, further improvement ...

    Authors: Ying Zeng, Hongjie Yuan, Zheming Yuan and Yuan Chen
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:6
  31. In the recent years, genomic and pan-genomic studies have become increasingly important. Culturomics allows to study human microbiota through the use of different culture conditions, coupled with a method of r...

    Authors: Aurélia Caputo, Pierre-Edouard Fournier and Didier Raoult
    Citation: Biology Direct 2019 14:5

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