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  1. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a prevalent malignant tumor that poses a major threat to people’s lives and health. Previous studies have found that multiple deubiquitinating enzymes are involved in the path...

    Authors: Qingsong Wu, Yuanyuan Qiu, Jinhui Guo, Zibo Yuan, Yingnan Yang, Qingwei Zhu, Zhe Zhang, Junwei Guo, Yanfang Wu, Junyu Zhang, Dongsheng Huang, Kangsheng Tu and Xiaoge Hu
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:13
  2. To create a dual-acting vaccine that can fight against tuberculosis, we combined antigenic arabino-mannan analogues with the Ag85B protein. To start the process, we studied the impact of modifying different pa...

    Authors: Roberta Bernardini, Sara Tengattini, Zhihao Li, Luciano Piubelli, Teodora Bavaro, Anamaria Bianca Modolea, Maurizio Mattei, Paola Conti, Stefano Marini, Yongmin Zhang, Loredano Pollegioni, Caterina Temporini and Marco Terreni
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:11
  3. Neuropathic pain is chronic pain and has few effective control strategies. Studies have demonstrated that microRNAs have functions in neuropathic pain. However, no study has been conducted to demonstrate the r...

    Authors: Yuqi Liu, Lijuan Wang, Chengcheng Zhou, Yuan Yuan, Bin Fang, Kaimei Lu, Fangxia Xu, Lianhua Chen and Lina Huang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:10
  4. Gerontology research on anti-aging interventions with drugs could be an answer to age-related diseases, aiming at closing the gap between lifespan and healthspan. Here, we present two methods for assaying chro...

    Authors: Mohammad Alfatah, Yizhong Zhang, Arshia Naaz, Trishia Yi Ning Cheng and Frank Eisenhaber
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:8
  5. Loss of ARID1A, a subunit of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex, contributes to malignant progression in multiple cancers including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In the search for key genes mediating ...

    Authors: Yuanliang Zheng, Lixiang Zhang, Kangliang Zhang, Shenghao Wu, Chichao Wang, Risheng Huang and Hongli Liao
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:7
  6. The outcome of Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) remain dismal despite the development of treatment. Targeted therapy is gaining more and more attention in improving prognosis.

    Authors: Qiao Zhou, Jiamin Zhang, Jingsong Zhang, Simin Liang, Duo Cai, Han Xiao, Yu Zhu, Wenqiong Xiang, Fernando Rodrigues-Lima, Jianxiang Chi, Fabien Guidez and Li Wang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:6
  7. Individuals whose gender identity differs from the biological sex and the social norms are defined as transgender. Sometimes transgender undergo gender affirming hormone therapy, which lasts for the entire lif...

    Authors: Alessia Tammaro, Gabriele Lori, Andrea Martinelli, Luigia Cancemi, Roberta Tassinari and Francesca Maranghi
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:5

    The Correction to this article has been published in Biology Direct 2024 19:12

  8. Aberrant expression and activation of circular RNAs (circRNAs) are closely associated with various cancers. The role of circ_MAPK9 (hsa_circ_0001566) in cancer progression remains unknown. This study aims to i...

    Authors: Kunyuan Wang, Qianting Lu, Yufeng Luo, Ganxiang Yu, Zhilei Wang, Jiaen Lin, Zhenlin Tan, Yueqiong Lao, Shiming Liu and Hui Yang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:4
  9. Human Deltex 2 (DTX2) is a ubiquitin E3 ligase that functions as an oncogene and has been shown to participate in many human cancers. However, the role of DTX2 in glioma progression has remained obscure. In th...

    Authors: Ren Li, Yang Chen, Biao Yang, Ziao Li, Peize Li, Yu Chen, Jiayu Li, Jianhang He, Yongqiang Wu, Yanqi Sun, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaolong Guo, Wenju Zhang, Yuanli Zhao and Geng Guo
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:2
  10. Phosphoglycerate kinase 1 (PGK1) is a metabolic enzyme that participates in various biological and pathological processes. Dysregulated PGK1 has been observed in numerous malignancies. However, whether and how...

    Authors: Tian Tian, Yahui Leng, Bingbing Tang, Xiaoxia Dong, Qiulei Ren, Jingyin Liang, Tianhui Liu, Yanni Liu, Wenxiao Feng, Song Liu, Yang Zhou, Hongyan Zhao and Li Shen
    Citation: Biology Direct 2024 19:1
  11. Senescent microglia are a distinct microglial phenotype present in aging brain that have been implicated in the progression of aging and age-related neurodegenerative diseases. However, the specific mechanisms...

    Authors: Anjila Dongol, Xi Chen, Peng Zheng, Zehra Boz Seyhan and Xu-Feng Huang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:86
  12. Inflammation and nerve injury promote astrocyte activation, which regulates the development and resolution of pain, in the spinal dorsal horn. APOE regulates lipid metabolism and is predominantly expressed in ...

    Authors: Siyi Liu, Shuting Yang, Xuan Zhu, Xiang Li, Xi Zhang, Xiaoqiong Zhou, Hong Cheng, Fu-Quan Huo, Qingxiang Mao and Lingli Liang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:85
  13. Alström syndrome (ALMS) is a rare autosomal recessive disease that is associated with mutations in ALMS1 gene. The main clinical manifestations of ALMS are retinal dystrophy, obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, di...

    Authors: Brais Bea-Mascato, Eduardo Gómez-Castañeda, Yara E. Sánchez-Corrales, Sergi Castellano and Diana Valverde
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:84
  14. The uc.291 transcript controls keratinocytes differentiation by physical interaction with ACTL6A and subsequent induction of transcription of the genes belonging to the epidermal differentiation complex (EDC)....

    Authors: Mara Mancini, Simone Sergio, Angela Cappello, Timea Farkas, Francesca Bernassola, Claudia Scarponi, Cristina Albanesi, Gerry Melino and Eleonora Candi
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:82
  15. The human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs) undergo intense osteogenic differentiation, a crucial bone formation mechanism. Evidence from prior studies suggested an association between long noncoding...

    Authors: Zhaoyi Mai, Jingpeng Liu, Xiao Jiang, Wenli Gu, Wei Wang, Simin Li, Gerhard Schmalz, Hui Xiao and Jianjiang Zhao
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:81
  16. Regulator of chromosome condensation 2 (RCC2) was a telophase disk-binding protein on mitosis, and functions as an oncogene in many human cancers. However, its role on prostate cancer (PCa) was unknown. The go...

    Authors: Shenghan Wang, Zhentao Lei, Wei Liu, Jie Xiong, Yuqiang Shi, Lin Yang, Qiang Gao, Kai Le and Bao Zhang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:80
  17. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play critical roles in cancer initiation and progression, which were critical components to maintain the dynamic balance of competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) networks. Somatic copy number alt...

    Authors: Renjie Dou, Shaobo Kang, Huan Yang, Wanmei Zhang, Yijing Zhang, Yuanyuan Liu, Yanyan Ping and Bo Pang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:79
  18. Regulator of G protein signaling 5 (RGS5), as a negative regulator of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling, is highly expressed in arterial VSMCs and pericytes, which is involved in VSMC phenotypic hete...

    Authors: Peng Kong, Xu Wang, Ya-Kun Gao, Dan-Dan Zhang, Xiao-Fu Huang, Yu Song, Wen-Di Zhang, Rui-Juan Guo, Han Li and Mei Han
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:78
  19. Pancreatic cancer is a malignancy with high mortality. Once diagnosed, effective treatment strategies are limited and the five-year survival is extremely poor. Recent studies have shown that zinc finger protei...

    Authors: Qifeng Xiao, Zhongmin Lan, Shuisheng Zhang, Hu Ren, Shunda Wang, Peng Wang, Lin Feng, Dan Li, Chengfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Bai and Jianwei Zhang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:77
  20. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from various cell sources exert cardioprotective effects during cardiac ischemic injury. Our previous study confirmed that EVs derived from ischemic-reperfusion injured hea...

    Authors: Xuan Liu, Shanshan Shi, Xuedi Geng, Enhao Wang, Qingshu Meng, Mimi Li, Fang Lin, Xiaoxue Ma, Wei Han and Xiaohui Zhou
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:76
  21. Ligamentum flavum (LF) hypertrophy is the main cause of lumbar spinal canal stenosis (LSCS). Previous studies have shown that LF hypertrophy tissue exhibits abnormal lipid accumulation, but the regulatory mech...

    Authors: Yanlin Cao, Jianjun Li, Sujun Qiu, Songjia Ni and Yang Duan
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:75
  22. Cancer stemness and osteosarcoma (OS) malignant progression are closely associated. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this association have not been fully demonstrated. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs)...

    Authors: Zhining Yang, Zhaoyong Liu, Weiqing Lu, Huancheng Guo, Jianzhou Chen and Ying Zhang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:74
  23. Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is characterized by high proliferation and limited differentiation. The altered expression of the p53 family members, and specifically of p63, represents a pivotal...

    Authors: Angela Cappello, Giulia Tosetti, Artem Smirnov, Carlo Ganini, Xue Yang, Yufang Shi, Ying Wang, Gerry Melino, Francesca Bernassola and Eleonora Candi
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:73
  24. Malignant melanoma is a highly heterogeneous skin cancer with the highest mortality rate among dermatological cancers. Catenins form functional networks in the nucleus to regulate gene expression and determine...

    Authors: Yi-dou Hu, Ke Wu, Yuan-jie Liu, Qian Zhang, Hui Shen, Jin Ji, Dong Fang and Song-yang Xi
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:72
  25. Cancer immunotherapy, alone or in combination with conventional therapies, has revolutionized the landscape of antineoplastic treatments, with dendritic cells (DC) emerging as key orchestrators of anti-tumor i...

    Authors: Peng Liu, Liwei Zhao, Guido Kroemer and Oliver Kepp
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:71
  26. The study aimed to identify transcripts of specific ion channels in rat ventricular cardiomyocytes and determine their potential role in the regulation of ionic currents in response to mechanical stimulation. ...

    Authors: Andre G. Kamkin, Olga V. Kamkina, Viktor E. Kazansky, Vadim M. Mitrokhin, Andrey Bilichenko, Elizaveta A. Nasedkina, Stanislav A. Shileiko, Anastasia S. Rodina, Alexandra D. Zolotareva, Valentin I. Zolotarev, Pavel V. Sutyagin and Mitko I. Mladenov
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:70
  27. Bcl-B is a poorly understood protein of the Bcl-2 family that is highly expressed in many healthy tissues and tumor types. Bcl-B is considered an antiapoptotic protein, but many reports have revealed its contr...

    Authors: N. V. Pervushin, G. S. Kopeina and B. Zhivotovsky
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:69
  28. Nuclear respiratory factor 1 (NRF1) is a transcription factor that participates in several kinds of tumor, but its role in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) remains elusive. This study aims to explore the role of...

    Authors: Ran Liu, Chuanzheng Yin, Peng Zhao, Bing Guo, Wenbo Ke, Xichuan Zheng, Dawei Xie, Yaofeng Wang, Gengqiao Wang, Yinzhao Jia, Yang Gao, Wenjun Hu, Gang Logan Liu and Zifang Song
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:67
  29. The social impact of glaucoma is worth of note: primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide, affecting some 68.56 million people with overall prevalence ...

    Authors: Damiana Scuteri, Giulio Pocobelli, Yoichi Sakurada, Rossella Russo, Paolo Tonin, Pierluigi Nicotera, Giacinto Bagetta, Maria Tiziana Corasaniti and Carlo Nucci
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:66
  30. Kruppel-like factor 13 (KLF13) is a transcription factor and plays an important role in carcinogenesis. However, the significance of KLF13 in thyroid carcinoma (THCA) is underdetermined. In this study, we aime...

    Authors: Yang Liu, Yixuan Song, Yuqin He, Ziren Kong, Han Li, Yiming Zhu and Shaoyan Liu
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:65
  31. Despite improvements in prognosis due to advances in treatment, including surgery, genetic screening, and molecular targeted therapy, the outcomes of ovarian cancer (OC) remain unsatisfactory. Internal mRNA mo...

    Authors: Lijuan Gan, Shengchao Zhao, Yang Gao, Yuwen Qi, Min Su, Anjin Wang and Hongbing Cai
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:64
  32. Anthracyclines including doxorubicin are essential components of many cancer chemotherapy regimens, but their cardiotoxicity severely limits their use. New strategies for treating anthracycline-induced cardiot...

    Authors: Xuechun Chen, Changtong Liu, Hong Zhao, Yigang Zhong, Yizhou Xu and Yi Wang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:63
  33. Authors: Salwa Soussi, Lesia Savchenko, Davide Rovina, Jason S. Iacovoni, Andrea Gottinger, Maxime Vialettes, Josè-Manuel Pioner, Andrea Farini, Sara Mallia, Martina Rabino, Giulio Pompilio, Angelo Parini, Olivier Lairez, Aoife Gowran and Nathalie Pizzinat
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:62

    The original article was published in Biology Direct 2023 18:41

  34. Severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most dramatic events in pediatric age and, despite advanced neuro-intensive care, the survival rate of these patients remains low. Children suffering from seve...

    Authors: Antonio Gatto, Lavinia Capossela, Giorgio Conti, Gemma Eftimiadi, Serena Ferretti, Luigi Manni, Antonietta Curatola, Benedetta Graglia, Lorenzo Di Sarno, Maria Lucia Calcagni, Daniela Di Giuda, Stefano Cecere, Domenico Marco Romeo, Marzia Soligo, Enzo Picconi, Marco Piastra…
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:61
  35. Peroxisomes play a central role in tuning metabolic and signaling programs in a tissue- and cell-type-specific manner. However, the mechanisms by which the status of peroxisomes is communicated and integrated ...

    Authors: Akihiro Yamashita, Olesia Ignatenko, Mai Nguyen, Raphaëlle Lambert, Kathleen Watt, Caroline Daneault, Isabelle Robillard-Frayne, Ivan Topisirovic, Christine Des Rosiers and Heidi M. McBride
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:60
  36. The thymus is required for T cell development and the formation of the adaptive immunity. Stromal cells, which include thymic epithelial cells (TECs) and mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), are essential for thy...

    Authors: Xiao Su, Xiaolei Li, Shiqing Wang, Xiaotong Xue, Rui Liu, Xiaojing Bai, Pixia Gong, Chao Feng, Lijuan Cao, Tingting Wang, Yayun Ding, Junjie Jiang, Yongjing Chen, Yufang Shi and Changshun Shao
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:59
  37. Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare autosomal-recessive neurodegenerative disorder caused by mutations in survival motor neuron 1 (SMN1) gene, and consequent loss of function of SMN protein, which results in ...

    Authors: M. Garofalo, S. Bonanno, S. Marcuzzo, C. Pandini, E. Scarian, F. Dragoni, R. Di Gerlando, M. Bordoni, S. Parravicini, C. Gellera, R. Masson, C. Dosi, R. Zanin, O. Pansarasa, C. Cereda, A. Berardinelli…
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:57
  38. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) are an important subset of innate immune cells in the tumor microenvironment, and they are pivotal regulators of tumor-promoting inflammation and tumor progression. Evidence...

    Authors: Yandong Zhang, Shu Ma, Tie Li, Yu Tian, Huangao Zhou, Hongsheng Wang and Lan Huang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:56

    The Correction to this article has been published in Biology Direct 2023 18:83

  39. Perilipin 5 (Plin5) is well known to maintain the stability of intracellular lipid droplets (LDs) and regulate fatty acid metabolism in oxidative tissues. It is highly expressed in the heart, but its roles hav...

    Authors: Lele Jian, Xing Gao, Chao Wang, Xiao Sun, Yuqiao Xu, Ruili Han, Yuying Wang, Shenhui Xu, Lan Ding, Jingjun Zhou, Yu Gu, Yuanlin Zhao, Ying Yang, Yuan Yuan, Jing Ye and Lijun Zhang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:54
  40. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common and challenging cancers in the world. N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modification and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play critical roles in the progression of HC...

    Authors: Runkun Liu, Guozhi Yin, Hang Tuo, Yixian Guo, Yifeng Zhu, Lei Zhang, Wei Yang, Qingguang Liu and Yufeng Wang
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:53
  41. The response rate to obeticholic acid (OCA), a potential therapeutic agent for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, is limited. This study demonstrated that upregulation of the alternative bile acid synthesis pa...

    Authors: Seung Min Lee, Dae Won Jun, Eileen Laurel Yoon, Ju Hee Oh, Yoon Jin Roh, Eun Jeoung Lee, Ji-Hee Shin, Young-Do Nam and Hyun Sung Kim
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:50

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