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Table 2 Definitions of events in the second scenario design (in the DAG)

From: Cubic time algorithms of amalgamating gene trees and building evolutionary scenarios

i Termini of the edge projected from <e, d> Triplets
0 Edge is not projected (induction ends) None
1 <e,х> (х is a leaf cohered with e; induction ends) <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,х>, <loss,e,d>
2 same as #1 <gain,e,х>
3 <e,d1> None
4 <e1,d1>; <e2,d2> None
5 <e2,d1>; <e1,d2> None
6 <e,d1> <loss,e,d2>
7 <e,d2> <loss,e,d1>
8 <e,d1> None
9 <e,d2> None
10 <e,d1> None
11 <e,d2> None
12 <e1,d>; <e2,d> <dupl,e,d>
13 <e1,d>; <e2,d> None
14 <e1,d>; <e2,d> None
15 <e1,d'>; <e2,d> <tr+o,e1,d>, <tr+i,e1,d'>
16 <e2,d'>; <e1,d> <tr+o,e2,d>, <tr+i,e2,d'>
17 <e1,d'>; <e2,d> <gain,e1,d'>
18 <e2,d'>; <e1,d> <gain,e2,d'>
19 <e,d*> <sleep,e,d>
20 <e0,d'> <gain_big,e,d'>
21 <e,d'1> <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,d'>, <loss,e,d>
22 <e,d'1> <gain,e,d'>
23 <e1,d'1>; <e2,d'2> <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,d'>, <loss,e,d>
24 <e1,d'2>; <e2,d'1> <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,d'>, <loss,e,d>
25 <e1,d'1>; <e2,d'2> <gain,e,d'>
26 <e1,d'2>; <e2,d'1> <gain,e,d'>
27 <e,d'1> <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,d'>, <loss,e,d>, <loss,e,d'2>
28 <e,d'2> <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,d'>, <loss,e,d>, <loss,e,d'1>
29 <e,d'1> <gain,e,d'>, <loss,e,d'2>
30 <e,d'2> <gain,e,d'>, <loss,e,d'1>
31 <e1,d'>; <e2,d'> <tro,e,d>, <tri,e,d'>, <loss,e,d>, <dupl,e,d'>
32 <e1,d'>; <e2,d'> <gain,e,d'>, <dupl,e,d'>
33 <e1,d'>; <e2,d"> <tro,e,d>, <loss,e,d>, <tri,e,d'&d">, <tr+o,e1&e2,d'&d">, <tr+i,e1&e2,d'&d">
34 <e1,d'>; <e2,d"> <gain,e, d'&d">, <tr+o,e1&e2,d'&d">, <tr+i,e1&e2,d'&d">
  1. Consider i the ordering of events specified in Table 1; the second column specifies the termini of the edge projected from the pair <e, d>. The third column specifies triplets to be associated with edges of R j . A notation e1&e2 designates a multiplier of 0.5. In rows 1, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 33 the triplets <loss,e,d> designate the loss of the donor copy of the gene after transfer.