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Table 4 Values of rate and effect parameters

From: Model-based exploration of the impact of glucose metabolism on the estrous cycle dynamics in dairy cows

c00.08Relative glucose content in the DMI
c10.08Fraction of directly absorbable glucose
c284211mU/(L ·d)Rate constant for insulin secretion
c321051/dRate constant for insulin degradation
c470182ng/(L ·d)Rate constant for glucagon secretion
c5350.871/dRate constant for glucagon degradation
c650(g ·L)/(mU ·d)Rate constant for glucose absorption from blood into liver cells
c7180L/(mU ·d)Rate constant for glycogenesis
c80.22683L/(mU ·d)Rate constant for lipogenesis
c91350(g ·L)/(ng ·d)Rate constant for glycogenolysis
c103.5272(g ·L)/(ng ·d)Rate constant for gluconeogenesis
c110.0684L/(ng ·d)Rate constant for glucose release from the liver to the blood
c121000g/dGlucose usage for maintenance
c1372g/kgGlucose usage for milk production
c1451/dGlucose usage for liver metabolism
c170.4[IGF]/dBasal IGF-1 synthesis rate in the blood
c181[IGF]/dP4- and insulin-regulated IGF-1 synthesis rate
c191.71/dIGF-1 clearance rate
c203.491/dMaximum effect of LH on follicular function
c211[LH]Maximum threshold of LH to stimulate follicular function
c223Maximum effect of insulin on FSH synthesis in the pituitary
c231.05Maximum effect of insulin on LH synthesis in the pituitary
c241.5[Oxy]/dMaximum rate of additional oxytocin synthesis during lactation
c250.00071/d2Clearance of additional oxytocin during lactation
V22.8LExtracellular volume of blood