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Fig. 10

From: Model-based exploration of the impact of glucose metabolism on the estrous cycle dynamics in dairy cows

Fig. 10

Simulated glucose and insulin levels in lactating dairy cows for different values of glucose content in the DMI. Time series data of milk yield and DMI from Holstein cows [77] are used as input for the model (c). Glucose and insulin dynamics were simulated with different glucose content in the DMI (c0={0.2,0.225,0.25,0.30}). When c0=0.2 (corresponding to 20% glucose content), glucose levels during peak milk drop towards the physiological limit (0.39 g/L) (a). In general, low amounts of glucose lead to a rapid depletion of the store (b), accompanied by a decrease in body fat (e), indicating a negative energy balance due to high milk production

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