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Table 11 Classification scores obtained for the C1 test set using different methods

From: Environmental metagenome classification for constructing a microbiome fingerprint

  NYCOFAPXOSCLOverall accuracy
Harris et al. [32]#correct05105 
Walker and Datta [22]#correct4192 
Zhu [25]#correct3574 
Chierici et al. [23]#correct100105 
Our method using Mash#correct0342 
sketch size=1000PPV110.5ACC=0.300
Our method using Mash#correct0365 
sketch size=10000PPV111ACC=0.467
Our method using Mash#correct0354 
sketch size=100000PPV111ACC=0.400
Our method using CoMeta#correct10424 
(class-level filtering)PPV0.911.000.911.00ACC=0.667
Our method using CoMeta#correct104104 
(sample-level filtering)PPV0.911.001.001.00ACC=0.933
  1. We report the number of correctly classified samples (#correct), precision (PPV), and recall (TPR) for each class, as well as the overall accuracy (ACC)