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Fig. 3

From: Domestication of self-splicing introns during eukaryogenesis: the rise of the complex spliceosomal machinery

Fig. 3

Evolution of the spliceosome. a Origin of the spliceosome during eukaryogenesis. The major steps resulting in the domestication of self-splicing introns in the early eukaryotes are depicted. b Subsequent evolution after eukaryogenesis resulting in the more complex or simple spliceosomes in five diverse eukaryotes. Besides the gain or loss of notable proteins the net loss or gain of introns is depicted for each lineage. The internal branches seemed to have experienced no large change of intron density [25]. The circles, except Snu114 and Brr2, represent an arbitrary number of proteins. The question marks in Giardia’s Lsm and Sm rings reflect the ambiguity about their exact composition [22, 90]

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