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Fig. 2

From: ASXL gain-of-function truncation mutants: defective and dysregulated forms of a natural ribosomal frameshifting product?

Fig. 2

Codon alignments of selected ASXL sequences in the vicinity of the predicted frameshift sites. a ASXL1. b ASXL2. To avoid over-representation of closely related sequences, sequence logos are based on alignments of 76 (ASXL1) and 52 (ASXL2) sequences from phylogenetically diverse taxa (see Additional file 1). Selected individual sequences from major vertebrate clades are shown beneath. Asterisks indicate conservation of residues within the full alignments, while dashes indicate insertions or deletions within those alignments. Zero-frame codons are separated by spaces and the predicted frameshift sites are highlighted in yellow

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