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Table 2 Orthologous proteins that are yeast-prion-like in both Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Human

From: The evolutionary scope and neurological disease linkage of yeast-prion-like proteins in humans

NQ-rich proteins (NQPs)
Yeast gene ID Yeast gene name Descriptiona Human orthologsb # of species with NQP orthologsc
YLL013C PUF3 Protein of the mitochondrial outer surface; links the Arp2/3 complex with the mitochore during anterograde mitochondrial movement; also functions in mRNA degradation PUM1 (ENSP00000257075, ENSP00000400141), PUM2 (ENSP00000409905) 16 (30)
YGL237C HAP2 Subunit of the Hap2p/3p/4p/5p CCAAT-binding complex; complex is heme-activated and glucose-repressed; complex is a transcriptional activator and global regulator of respiratory gene expression NFYA (ENSP00000229418, ENSP00000345702) 12 (24)
YOR194C TOA1 TFIIA large subunit; involved in transcriptional activation, acts as antirepressor or as coactivator; required, along with Toa2p, for ribosomal protein gene transcription in vivo GTF2A1 (ENSP00000409492, ENSP00000452454) 10 (26)
YFL024C EPL1 Subunit of NuA4, an essential histone H4/H2A acetyltransferase complex; conserved region at N-terminus is essential for interaction with the NPC (nucleosome core particle); required for autophagy EPC2 (ENSP00000258484) 9 (17)
YNL251C NRD1 RNA-binding subunit of Nrd1 complex; complex interacts with exosome to mediate 3′-end formation of some mRNAs, snRNAs, snoRNAs, and CUTs; interacts with CTD of RNA pol II large subunit Rpo21p at phosphorylated Ser5 to direct transcription termination of non-polyadenylated transcripts SCAF4 (ENSP00000382703) 5 (7)
Prion predictions
Yeast gene ID Yeast gene name Descriptiona Human orthologs # of species with orthologous prion predictionsb
YLR191W PAS20 Peroxisomal importomer complex component; integral peroxisomal membrane protein required for docking and translocation of peroxisomal matrix proteins PEX13 (ENSP00000295030) 15 (19)
YNL016W PUB1 Poly (A) + RNA-binding protein; abundant mRNP-component protein that binds mRNA and is required for stability of many mRNAs; component of glucose deprivation induced stress granules, involved in P-body-dependent granule assembly; protein abundance increases in response to DNA replication stress. The human ortholog associated with Welandar distal myopathy TIA1 (ENSP00000404023) 14 (23)
YLL013C PUF3 See above PUM1 (ENSP00000400141, ENSP00000257075) 13 (30)
  1. aThese descriptions are adapted from text on the UniProt [37] and SGD databases [49]
  2. bThe gene names are followed by the Ensembl protein names for the orthologous proteins
  3. cTotal number of the species listed in Table 1 that contain orthologous prion predictions or NQPs, with the total number of orthologs (regardless of whether they have a prion-like domain or not) in brackets