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Fig. 3

From: The cyclin D1 carboxyl regulatory domain controls the division and differentiation of hematopoietic cells

Fig. 3

The expression of Ccnd1 in mice of different ages. The individual subpopulations of hematopoietic lineage cells were sorted from WT mice with different ages (a). Quantification of Ccnd1 and Ccnd2 transcripts in different subpopulations of hematopoietic cells from 9-days and 4-weeks-old WT mice. Results show the mRNA expression of the Ccnd1 and Ccnd2, determined by RT-qPCR, as referred to the RPII house-keeping gene. They are the mean+/− SD of three independent samples. Please note: Since the different PCR amplifications had the same efficiency, the expression levels of individual Ccnd can be directly compared. b Quantification of Ccnd1 in LSK, TN1 and CD19+IgMCD43+ precursors of 15-days-old fetus (F) and 4-weeks-old adult (A) mice, as referred to the GAPDH house-keeping gene. Results show the mean+/− SD of from three independent samples. SD deviations are too small to be visualized with the present scale. Statistic significance: *p < 0.05 (paired student t-test)

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