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Table 6 List of residues from different regions of AspRS strongly binding with tRNAAsp

From: Structure based approach for understanding organism specific recognition of protein-RNA complexes

E. coli T. thermophilus S. cerevisiae Region
R26 R27 N117 Anti-codon binding
R28 R29 R119
L30 L31 Q121
L33 L34 L125
G31 - -
F35 F36 F127
N84 N82 I179
S32 G33 T124
D86 R84 K180
E93 E91 E188
Q46 Q47 Q138
- - L223
R64 R64 N161
R78 R78 V175
- - P224
V107 - V226
T117 - N227 Hinge region
- - L228
- R115 -
A120 L126 T230
R217 - R325 Catalytic domain
R222 A229 T331
D224 - R333
R225 R231 H334
F229 F235 F338
I343 R343 - Insertion domain
- - T424 Catalytic domain
- - K428
T558 K552 -
R537 R531 R531
R549 R543 R544
A560 G554 K553
T557 N551 D551
A561 K555 R554
  1. Bold face indicates the set of residues strongly interacting with tRNAAsp. The equivalent residues from other sources, which are not interacting with tRNAAsp are italics"-" indicates gap or no equivalent residues.