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Archived Comments for: Transcription factor binding sites are highly enriched within microRNA precursor sequences

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  1. The work is in line of similar findings made by our group

    Ravi Shankar, CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology

    11 June 2012

    I first congratulate this group for this paper and I personally feel happy that what we had proposed first, has been supported by this paper.

    In May 2011, advanced online access of one of our paper had appeared in Journal of Biosciences, with title " The Regulatory Epicenter of miRNAs", which became finally print published in Septmeber 2011, issue (Submitted March, 2011; accepted May 2011) (J Biosci. 2011 Sep;36(4):621-38.). In the same work we had proposed this first time that pre-miRNAs host a regulatory epicenter having strong binding sites for TFs as well as RNA binding proteins. While TFs could regulate their transcription, the RBPs could control post transcription regulation and processing. The study had been extensively comprehensive and supported by expressions analysis where we proposed many clusters and regulon models for microRNAs.

    A little bit of disappointment is that though this work almost goes in the same line and validates our proposed theory, unfortunately it has missed to cite our work, which could be counted among the pioneers in giving such theory.

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