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Figure 4

From: Kinetics of the viral cycle influence pharmacodynamics of antiretroviral therapy

Figure 4

Simulations that demonstrate how altering viral life cycle kinetics can improve drug efficacy. Log-log concentration-response curves for (A) a hypothetical drug #1 and drug #2 where IC501 > IC502 but m1 = 1 and m2 = 3, showing how decreasing IC50 in drug #1 changes the concentration regime where each drug may have greater antiviral activity, and (B) with the example of how abacavir antiviral activity (blue concentration-response curve for IC50 = 0.0344 μM, red concentration-response curve for IC50 = 0.0172 μM) relative to nelfinavir (black concentration-response curve) may be improved by decreasing IC50. Light blue bar above indicates the clinical concentration range of abacavir and orange bar indicates clinical concentration range of nelfinavir.

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