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Figure 1

From: Unification of Cas protein families and a simple scenario for the origin and evolution of CRISPR-Cas systems

Figure 1

Multiple alignment of Cas7 subfamilies and related families of RAMPs. The multiple sequence alignment includes the conserved blocks identified by HHpred (red box), secondary structure predictions and the secondary structure elements extracted from the crystal structure of the Cas7 from S. solfataricus [16]. Secondary structure prediction showed as follows: 'H' indicates α-helix, 'E' indicates extended conformation (β-strand). The sequences are denoted by their GI numbers and species names. G-rich loop region of RAMPs is shown by blue box. The positions of the first and the last residues of the aligned region in the corresponding protein are indicated for each sequence. The numbers within the alignment represent poorly conserved inserts that are not shown. The coloring is based on the consensus shown underneath the alignment; 'h' indicates hydrophobic residues (WFYMLIVACTH), 'p' indicates polar residues (EDKRNQHTS), 's' indicates small residues (ACDGNPSTV).

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