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Table 8 Drug targets found across bacteria that were probably not in LACA.

From: The origin of a derived superkingdom: how a gram-positive bacterium crossed the desert to become an archaeon

Target Example Drug
Alanine Racemase Cycloserine
Beta-lactamase Cefoxitin
Hsp90 Geldanamycin
Cytochrome c Minocycline
DNA gyrase Trovafloxacin
3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 1 Cerulenin
Penicillin-binding proteins Cefoperazone
Peptidoglycan synthetase ftsI Ertapenem
  1. We argue these proteins were lost in the archaeal ancestor in response to a unique antibiotic warfare scenario. Targets in italics appear to have transferred to archaea after LACA.