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Table 3 Functional enrichment of fast-evolving and slow-evolving genes in large mammals.

From: Nonsynonymous substitution rate (Ka) is a relatively consistent parameter for defining fast-evolving and slow-evolving protein-coding genes

Fast-evolving genes
ID Category Name horse dog cow
BP00299 Steroid hormone metabolism *   
MF00291 Other enzyme activator *   
MF00247 Membrane-bound signaling molecule   * *
BP00240 Fertilization    *
BP00274 Cell communication    *
Slow-evolving genes
MF00170 Ligase * *  
MF00283 Ubiquitin-protein ligase * *  
MF00225 Other zinc finger transcription factor *   
MF00222 Zinc finger transcription factor   *  
MF00031 Voltage-gated ion channel    *
MF00213 Non-receptor serine/threonine protein kinase    *
P00019 Endothelin signaling pathway    *
P00059 p53 pathway *   
P00002 Alpha adrenergic receptor signaling pathway    *
P00003 Alzheimer disease-amyloid secretase pathway    *
P04374 5HT2 type receptor mediated signaling pathway    *
P04391 Oxytocin receptor mediated signaling pathway    *
P04394 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor signaling pathway    *
  1. Note: The asterisks depict functional classifications of genes that are significantly enriched based on Fisher's Exact Test after multiple corrections among large mammals.