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Figure 2

From: Predicting the pathway involved in post-translational modification of Elongation factor P in a subset of bacterial species

Figure 2

Phylogenetic and structural analysis of the LAM family of proteins. A- Phylogenic tree generated with a subset YjeK and LAM proteins. Methods for alignment and tree construction are described in the text. This analysis shows that YjeK (in orange) and LAM (in blue) proteins forms distinct clades with relevant bootstrap values (923 for the LAM clade and 906 for the YjeK clade). The boxes correspond to the presence of the genes encoding for the protein indicated on top of the figure in the corresponding organism, white for genes present but not involved in a clustering, orange for genes that cluster with efp, and blue for genes that cluster with β-lysine acetyltransferase (Lysine degradation pathway). Accession numbers for the protein used can be found in Additional file 1. B- Three dimensional structure of LAM from Clostridium subterminale SB4 [24] (PDB: 2A5H) in blue with the C-terminal multimerization domain in pink, and 3D-model of YjeK from Acinetobacter baylyi based on C. subterminale SB4. The 3D model was build by using the homology method on the SWISS-MODEL web server [4143].

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