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Figure 1

From: Predicting the pathway involved in post-translational modification of Elongation factor P in a subset of bacterial species

Figure 1

Genomic organisation of efp, yjeA and yjeK genes. A-Physical clustering of efp (in brown), yjeA (in pink) and yjeK (in orange) genes in several organisms. The black lines indicate that the genes are not contiguous in the genome. Examples of organisms and percentages for each genomic organisation among the 200 genomes that possess both yjeA and yjeK genes are indicated. The full list is given in Additional file 1. B and C- The sequence logos were created using an alignments of 9 amino acids from the EF-P protein sequences surrounding the position 34 generated in Clustal W2. The Logos were then generated by pasting the alignment in the WebLogo interface version 2.8.2 [39, 40]. B- Logo for EF-P proteins from organisms that possess YjeA and YjeK (the list of sequences used is given in Additional file 3). C- Logo for EF-P proteins from organisms deprived of YjeA and YjeK.

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