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Table 1 LA recognition by human resting γδT cells independent of CD1a and CD1d

From: Human γδ T cell Recognition of lipid A is predominately presented by CD1b or CD1c on dendritic cells

Groups cpm Mean SD
CD1a mAb 19340 21635 18098 19691 1794.4
CD1d mAb 19674 18765 18886 19108.3 493.6
CD1a&CD1d mAbs* 18702 18920 17665 18429 670.6
without mAb 20065 19876 20992 20311 597.3
  1. Key. The proliferation of purified human γδT cells were determined by 3H-TdR incorporation assay after incubating with preblocked LA-moDC by CD1d mAb alone or combined with CD1a. The group without any mAb was used as control. *P > 0.05 vs the group with CD1d mAb alone, CD1a alone or control group (without mAb).