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Table 2 Identification of structures corresponding to Ago2 mid domain

From: The human Ago2 MC region does not contain an eIF4E-like mRNA cap binding motif

Hit PDBid Score E-value
COMPASS Results    
A. aeolicus Argonaute 2F8S_A 267 1.50E-28
A. fulgidus Piwi domain 1W9H_A 264 7.96E-26
P. furiosus Argonaute 1U04_A 221 1.87E-15
HHPRED Results    
A. aeolicus Argonaute 1yvu_A 126.2 7.60E-20
P. furiosus Argonaute 1u04_A 104.4 7.90E-16
A. fulgidus Piwi domain 1w9h_A 88.1 8.30E-13
  1. Top-ranked structure hits with significant scores to Ago2 mid domain sequence query using COMPASS or HHPRED sequence-based detection methods.