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Figure 3

From: Transduplication resulted in the incorporation of two protein-coding sequences into the Turmoil-1 transposable element of C. elegans

Figure 3

Y48G1BL.4 gene with predicted RRM domain. (A) A schematic illustration of the Y48G1BL.4 gene with predicted exons and an intron, and the position of the Turmoil-1 sequence within the genome. (B) Pairwise alignment (using bl2seq) between Turmoil-1 and the Y48G1BL.4 DNA sequence. The intron sequence is indicated by lower-case letters and the protein-coding region by upper-case letters. The potential new 5' splice site is marked in red and the 5' splice site position within the original RRM domain is marked with an arrow. (C) The predicted three-dimensional structure of the RRM domain generated from Y48G1BL.4.

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