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Figure 1

From: Transduplication resulted in the incorporation of two protein-coding sequences into the Turmoil-1 transposable element of C. elegans

Figure 1

Evidence for two transduplication events within the ITR sequence of the Turmoil -1 transposon. (A) A schematic illustration of the full sequence of Turmoil-1 on chromosome II (see table 1, copy number 6) and the structure and sites of inclusion of fragments of the rsp-2 and cpg-3 genes within the ITR sequence (B) Pairwise alignment (using bl2seq [27]) between the Turmoil-1 sequence and the rsp-2 sequence. The start codon, which is also the first amino acid of the RRM1 domain in the rsp-2 gene, is boxed in red. The intron sequence is indicated by lower-case letters; the protein-coding region is indicated by upper-case letters. The positions of the 5' and 3' splice sites (5'ss and 3'ss, respectively) are marked with arrows. The nucleotides in the 5' splice site of the rsp-2 gene that were mutated in the sequence of the transposable element, thereby abolishing the original 5' splice site, are shown in red. (C) Pairwise alignment between Turmoil-1 and the cpg-3 sequence.

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