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Archived Comments for: Erwin Schroedinger, Francis Crick and epigenetic stability

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    Paolo Manzelli, EGOCREANET/LRE - Florence University /It

    6 April 2010

    Notes and suggestion by Paolo Manzelli <>

    To Jean-Jacques Toulmé <> and colleagues in address .

    I would like to suggest to develop a section on Quantum Entanglement and Biological information Exhange on the basis of the following considerations.

    As a matter of facts the basic question of Bio-inspired technology is focused on undestanding a physical model of self-molecular assembly, in order to create complex systems of Bio-inspired nano scale. To understand the underlining criteria of self assembly I think that science need to overcome the traditional mechanical approach of physics and need to to develop a complete new approach focused on the physical meaning information exchange in Biology.
    Genes hold information as genomic sequence ,directing linear protein synthesis. But for instance what is the information holded in Chaperone proteins, to guide newly linear sinthetized polypeptides ino their vaious functional three dimensional shapes.
    Therefore because the folding process cannot be a direct consequence of the transfer of DNA-Gene sequencing, there are no chances to predict the self-assembly in proteins folding , if we do not be able to go in deeper on the question of what is a generalized information exchange in biology.
    In fact, considering the self assembly in protein folding that is independent from the genetic code , we need to admit the existence of a new kind of information as a new driver of the functional folding of proteins. Besides knowing that for a polypeptide chain of 1000 amino acids there are an enormous ammount of possible different unuseful conformation, but in spite of this the functional conformation is very precisely built up by chaperonnes. Therefore we know that it is impossible to think that the protein folding can be made through a casual event bases on trial and error biological process.
    Following those consiseration in brief I believe that the COST Action on Bio-Inspired Nano-technology, need to reserve a section of study oriented to build up models of unerstanding auto-organization process at nanoscale level, based on the the Quantum Entanglement no-local simultaneity of information field, that is an extended property of no classical information processing in biology , as in recent years has been fully verified by numerous experiments interpreted by innovative theory .

    I hope that some collegus would like to agree to appoach this study on QUANTUMENTANGLEMENT & NO LOCAL INFORMATION EXCHANGE as a section of the BIO-INSPIRED NANOTECH. EUROPEAN COST ACTION 2010.

    My best regards and cordiality's to all of you. Having a Good Easter. Paolo Manzelli
    03/APRIL/10 FIRENZE .

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