Mathematical Biology

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Progress in experimentation, quantification and visualization techniques now makes it possible to build mathematical models that are far more accurate than ever before. Importantly, single-cell dynamic imaging sequencing enables gauging the heterogeneity within cell populations, whether stochastic or caused by deterministic complexity. This makes models that were purely theoretical 20 or 30 years ago falsifiable and capable of predicting effects of a wide range of perturbations. We seek papers combining new biology with advanced and rigorous mathematics. Examples of focal topics include, but are not limited to: stochastic models of mutation, emergence and evolution of multiple clonal populations in cancer, biological pattern formation influenced by stochasticity, interaction of cell population genetics and cell population dynamics in progression of chronic diseases, and self-organization in normal and disease processes (such as cancer).

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  1. Research

    Accurate state estimation from uncertain data and models: an application of data assimilation to mathematical models of human brain tumors

    Data assimilation refers to methods for updating the state vector (initial condition) of a complex spatiotemporal model (such as a numerical weather model) by combining new observations with one or more prior ...

    Eric J Kostelich, Yang Kuang, Joshua M McDaniel, Nina Z Moore, Nikolay L Martirosyan and Mark C Preul

    Biology Direct 2011 6:64

    Published on: 21 December 2011

  2. Research

    A computational approach to candidate gene prioritization for X-linked mental retardation using annotation-based binary filtering and motif-based linear discriminatory analysis

    Several computational candidate gene selection and prioritization methods have recently been developed. These in silico selection and prioritization techniques are usually based on two central approaches - the ex...

    Zané Lombard, Chungoo Park, Kateryna D Makova and Michèle Ramsay

    Biology Direct 2011 6:30

    Published on: 13 June 2011

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