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Table 1 Clinical studies of MSC treatment for COVID-19 patients

From: Redressing the interactions between stem cells and immune system in tissue regeneration

Trial ID Trial design Indications MSC source Dose and routes of MSC administration Number of patients Clinical outcomes Refs
ChiCTR2000029990 Phase 1, open-label, single-center, case–control Moderate/Severe/Critical Clinical grade MSCs 1 × 106 cells/kg, i.v 10 The pulmonary functions and symptoms were significantly improved after MSC infusion. 101
ChiCTR2000031494 Phase 1, open-label, randomized, standard treatment–control Severe/Critical Umbilical cord 2 × 106 cells/kg, i.v 41 MSC infusion showed improved clinical manifestations. 102
NCT04252118 Phase 1, open-label, single-center, case–control Moderate/Severe Umbilical cord 3 × 107 cells/dose, i.v 18 Intravenous MSC infusion in moderate and severe COVID-19 patients was safe and well-tolerated. 103
NCT04269525 Phase 2, case–control Severe/Critical Umbilical cord 1 × 108 cells/dose, i.v 16 MSC infusion showed improvement in ventilatory, radiological and biological parameters. No MSC infusion related adverse or allergic reactions and no delayed hypersensitivity or secondary infections were reported. 104
NCT04288102 Phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-control Severe Umbilical cord 4 × 107 cells/dose, i.v 100 MSC infusion was safe and exerted improvement in total lung lesion proportion and solid component lesion. There was an increased 6-min walking distance in MSC group. 105
NCT04348461 Phase 1, prospective nonrandomized open-label cohort Severe/Critical Adipose tissue 1 × 106 cells/kg, i.v 13 No MSC infusion-associated adverse events were reported. Improvement in ventilatory, radiological and biological parameters was associated with clinical status. 106
NCT04355728 Phase 1/2a, randomized, double-blind ARDS Umbilical cord 10 ± 2 × 107 cells/dose, i.v 24 MSC infusion was safe. The levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines were significantly decreased, and patient survival and recovery time were improved. 107
IRCT20200217046526N2 Phase 1 ARDS Umbilical cord and placental 2 × 108 cells/dose, i.v 11 MSC infusion in critical illness COVID-19 patients was safe and well-tolerated. MSC group had improved respiratory distress and reduced inflammatory signatures. 108
  1. MSC, mesenchymal stem cell; i.v., intravenous injection; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome