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Table 1 Summary of the features used in the classification task

From: An ensemble learning approach for modeling the systems biology of drug-induced injury

Type of feature Name Description
Gene expression features Landmark genes 978 genes directly measured from the L1000 datasets
DisGeNET DILI genes Curated genes associated to 9 phenotypes related with DILI from DisGeNET database
GUILDify DILI genes Genes associated through the protein interactions network to 6 phenotypes related with DILI using GUILDify
DILI landmark genes 66 landmark genes selected using non-parametric test for each gene across all samples of Most/Less- vs. No-DILI-Concern drugs (P-value< 0.05)
Structural features SMILES Line notation describing the chemical structure of drugs
Drug target genes Set of targets 1664 drug targets retrieved from DGIdb, HitPick and SEA