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Table 5 Results for composite predictive models. The method for combination is displayed in the first column, the estimate of AUC obtained on the training set and in cross-validation in the second and third column. Columns four and five present results of comparison between the predictions of composite models and the best individual model i.e. MCF-7+molecular descriptors, by paired t-test

From: Integration of human cell lines gene expression and chemical properties of drugs for Drug Induced Liver Injury prediction

Method    Comparison with MCF-7+chem.
  Internal CV Nested CV t statistic p-value
Best single result 0.69 0.65 -6.8 1
Mean of all results 0.66 0.67 -7.0 1
Mean of 5 best results 0.72 0.73 6.8 9·10−7
Linear combination 0.73 0.70 -0.46 0.67
Random Forest 0.84 0.71 1.8 0.05