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Table 2 Recall estimates on testing set TS

From: NAUTICA: classifying transcription factor interactions by positional and protein-protein interaction information

Actual class P_NINT P_COMP P_COOP Recall
NINT 21 17 13 41%
COMP 3 3 2 37%
COOP 15 2 46 73%
NINTa 5292 928 145 83%
COMPa 68 49 6 39%
COOPa 154 17 520 75%
  1. Note: Upper - no calibration. Lower - with calibration for recall (also marked with a). The calibration is described in Recall calibration and evaluation and is performed by substituting to each prediction (whether correct or not) its weight. The weight is defined as the ratio between the number of interactions that have the same N_12 as that prediction and the same count done for the N12 value that has the least interactions. Note that specificity cannot be calibrated without some additional assumptions