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Table 3 Rates in the metabolic model

From: Model-based exploration of the impact of glucose metabolism on the estrous cycle dynamics in dairy cows

glufeedblGlucose in the DMI available for direct absorptiong/d
glufeedgngGlucose generated from glucogenic substances in the DMIg/d
glubllvGlucose absorbed from the blood into liver cellsg/d
glustlvGlucose generated from glycogen (glycogenolysis)g/d
glulvstGlucose stored as glycogen (glycogenesis)g/d
glulvfatGlucose converted to triglycerides (lipogenesis)g/d
glufatlvGlucose synthesized from glycerolg/d
gluprodGlucose released from the liver to the bloodg/d
glublusageGlucose usage for maintenance and milk productiong/d
glulvusageGlucose usage for liver metabolismg/d
inssecInsulin secretionmU/(L ·d)
insdegInsulin degradationmU/(L ·d)
glucasecGlucagon secretionng/(L ·d)
glucadegGlucagon degradationng/(L ·d)