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Table 18 The number of unique k-mers in the class-level databases extracted from the primary dataset (for k=24) after filtering infrequent k-mers (with ci=4) from (i) sample-level databases and (ii) class-level databases

From: Environmental metagenome classification for constructing a microbiome fingerprint

Class nameClass-level filteringSample-level filtering
Chile, Santiago3,330,241,8471,947,678,404
Japan, Tokyo6,179,603,3593,436,570,406
New Zealand, Auckland586,168,771567,504,772
New Zealand, Hamilton897,549,433845,417,208
Nigeria, Offa3,293,428,8572,833,690,965
Portugal, Porto3,793,750,2653,108,855,323
USA, New York7,413,034,1064,252,342,215
USA, Sacramento2,413,540,643599,036,464