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Table 4 The most relevant antibiotic resistance modules (CARD) in Ofa

From: Antibiotic resistance and metabolic profiles as functional biomarkers that accurately predict the geographic origin of city metagenomics samples

3002940 vanSN vanSN is a vanS variant found in the vanN gene cluster
3000217 blaR1 blaR1 is a transmembrane spanning and signal transducing protein which in response to interaction with beta-lactam antibiotics results in upregulation of the blaZ/blaR1/blaI operon.
3003069 vanXYG vanXYG is a vanXY variant found in the vanG gene cluster
3000180 tetA(P) TetA(P) is a inner membrane tetracycline efflux protein found on the same operon as the ribosomal protection protein TetB(P). It is found in Clostridium, a Gram-positive bacterium.
3002541 AAC(3)-VIIa AAC(3)-VIIa is a chromosomal-encoded aminoglycoside acetyltransferase in Streptomyces rimosus