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Table 1 Number of samples included in the analyses and their corresponding city and country of provenance

From: Identification of city specific important bacterial signature for the MetaSUB CAMDA challenge microbiome data

New ZealandU.S.A.NigeriaPortugalChileJapanColombia
Training MainAuckland (AKL)15      
Hamilton (HAM)16      
New York (NYC) 26 + 0 = 26     
Offa (OFA)  20    
Porto (PXO)   60   
Sacramento (SAC) 16 + 18 = 34     
Santiago (SCL)    20  
Tokyo (TKO)     20 
Testing Mystery-1Various (C1) 10 (NCY)5105  
Training Mystery-2Ilorin (C2)  12    
Lisbon (C3)   12   
Boston (C4) 12     
BogotaNo samples in the training set
Testing Mystery-3Various (C5) 3 (Boston)44  5 (Bogota)
  1. Table also shows the mystery sets and how the city and sets were internally coded in this work. The column corresponding to US, shows that samples from New York City and Sacramento included additional samples from the pilot analysis but those samples yielded OTUs in this present setting only in Sacramento. Light gray rows are multi-city groups where city of provenance was predicted (testing sets) for all the samples according with the corresponding training model (main or mystery-2). All samples in training sets had a counterpart in the testing sets with the exception of the city of Bogota, which has 5 samples in the testing set (mystery-3) but has no samples in the training set (mystery-2)