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Fig. 1

From: Sense-antisense gene overlap is probably a cause for retaining the few introns in Giardia genome and the implications

Fig. 1

Results of strand-specific RT-PCR and sequencing of the two antisense genes and their corresponding schematic diagram. a Lane 1, Strand-specific RT-PCR product of the GL50803–20429; Lane 4, the Strand-specific RT-PCR product of the GL50803–28204; Lane 2 and lane 3, negative controls (with no RTase) corresponding to lane 1 and lane 4, respectively; M, molecular markers. b Nucleotide sequence of GL50803–28204 gene acquired by Strand-specific RT-PCR and sequencing. The locations of the primers are underlined. c Nucleotide sequence of GL50803–20429 gene acquired by Strand- specific RT-PCR and sequencing. d Schematic diagram of the two SAS gene pairs. The sequence lengths of GL50803–28204 and GL50803–20429 are according to the Strand-specific RT-PCR products, and the lengths of GL50803–37070 and GL50803–17244 are based on the GiardiaDB database. Arrow represents the orientation of transcription; and the dashed box and solid lines represent introns and exons, respectively

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