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Fig. 4

From: Darwinian selection of host and bacteria supports emergence of Lamarckian-like adaptation of the system as a whole

Fig. 4

Multi-generational coupling between microbiome properties and host-intrinsic traits. The population of host-microbiome systems was subjected to successive resetting of the active toxin to T = 5, every 5 host generations. a-c Temporal kinetic profiles of average detox per bacteria (a), active toxin (b) and normalized size of the host population (c), with a magnified scale in the inset. Red arrows in (a) mark the start and end of the successive resetting of the toxin. d Inverse correlation between the increase in detox secretion per bacterium and the average toxin resistance (inverse sensitivity) of host, 1/xH, and bacteria, 1/xB (inset). Orange overlays correspond to Gaussian filtering of the measured properties

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