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Fig. 2

From: Darwinian selection of host and bacteria supports emergence of Lamarckian-like adaptation of the system as a whole

Fig. 2

Stress-dependent adaptation within one host generation. a Schematics of the Lamarckian evaluation procedure. b, c The Lamarckian as a function of toxic exposure (b) and bacterial detox coefficient (c). d Bacterial sensitivity and detox per bacteria (inset) as a function of bacterial detox coefficient, after exposure to toxin (T0 = 5). Shown are time (and population) averages over one generation of unexposed ‘clones’ of surviving parents (orange) and their offspring (blue). e, f Distributions of physiological (ŜPh) and toxic stress (ŜH), experienced by cloned parents and their offspring, following exposure to a toxin pulse (T0 = 5), applied at the initial time step. Shown for the case of λB = 10− 4

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