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Table 1 The ten top bacterial species identified in a Nanopore dataset taken from an anammox enrichment bioreactor, by the number of bases aligned to corresponding reference proteins

From: MEGAN-LR: new algorithms allow accurate binning and easy interactive exploration of metagenomic long reads and contigs

Species Aligned (Mb)
Candidatus Brocadia sinica 84.9
Armatimonadetes bacterium OLB18 8.8
Bacteroidetes bacterium OLB12 4.8
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UTPRO2 2.9
Chloroflexi bacterium OLB13 2.7
Nitrospira sp. OLB3 1.5
Streptomyces sp. SolWspMP-5a-2 1.1
Anaerolineae bacterium UTCFX5 0.6
Pseudorhodoplanes sinuspersici 0.4
  1. For Candidatus Brocadia sinica, this suggests at least ten-fold coverage of the genome