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Fig. 1

From: Domestication of self-splicing introns during eukaryogenesis: the rise of the complex spliceosomal machinery

Fig. 1

Resemblance between group II introns, and spliceosomal introns and snRNAs. a Simplified secondary structure of a group II intron (IIA) with its intron-encoded protein (IEP). The largest part of domain I has been omitted. The catalytic triad and adenosine branch point are explicitly depicted. The structures are coloured based on their similarity to spliceosomal structures (b). The black RNA domains do not have homologous structures in the spliceosome. b Simplified secondary structure of a spliceosomal intron with the snRNAs and Prp8. U1 and U4 snRNA are not homologous to group II intron domains

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