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Fig. 1

From: ASXL gain-of-function truncation mutants: defective and dysregulated forms of a natural ribosomal frameshifting product?

Fig. 1

Architecture of human ASXL mRNA transcripts. Each transcript comprises 13 exons, with exon 13 being the longest. The zero-frame coding regions (1541, 1435 and 2248 codons respectively) for each transcript are shown in light blue. Exon boundaries are denoted by vertical dashed lines; exon 3 (3 nt) is not visible in the figure. The locations of conserved domains are indicated, according to the colour legend. The conserved +1 and −2 PRF shift sites are shown for ASXL1 (UCC_UUU_CGU) and ASXL2 (G_GUC_UCU). Ribosomes which frameshift would translate a conserved +1 frame ORF (pink). ASXN: ASX N-terminal domain; ASXH: ASX homology domain; ASXM: ASX middle domain; PHD: plant homeodomain

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