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Table 2 List of simulation parameters

From: Cell adhesion heterogeneity reinforces tumour cell dissemination: novel insights from a mathematical model

Simulation parameter Value
Lattice spacing ε 1
Time-step length τ 1
Lattice size \(61 \times 61 \Rightarrow |\mathcal {L}|=3721\)
Number of channels κ 10, i.e. β = 6 (rest channels)
Initial density Full occupation [1610 cells]
Initial adhesive state (slow regulation mode) 50000 [50%, ODE steady state]
Initial adhesive state (fast regulation mode) 80000 [80%]
Heterogeneity parameter γ 0, 0.05, 0.25, 0.4, 0.55
Environmental control parameter α 1
Cell dissemination threshold distance 50
Number of iterations 1000
Number of repetitions 500
  1. These parameters are used for all simulations, unless otherwise noted. Simulations results were averaged over 500 identical repetitions