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Table 1 Parameters for adhesion receptor regulation models

From: Cell adhesion heterogeneity reinforces tumour cell dissemination: novel insights from a mathematical model

Parameter Value Stochastic
h + 0.005 no
h 0.005 no
R 0 100000 yes
y 0〉 (slow regulation mode) 80000 yes
y 0〉 (fast regulation mode) 50000 yes
  1. \(h^{+}, h^{-} \in \mathbb {R}\) with unit [s−1] are the respective adhesion receptor association and dissociation rates, \(R_{0} \in \mathbb {N}\) is the maximum adhesion receptor concentration. In the stochastic case, R 0 and y 0 are the expected values of a normal distribution. y 0 has different expected values for slow and fast regulation modes (see text). Values adapted from Engwer et al. (2015) [49]