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Fig. 7

From: Cell adhesion heterogeneity reinforces tumour cell dissemination: novel insights from a mathematical model

Fig. 7

Comparison of adhesion phenotypes between simulation scenarios. a The plot shows the mean adhesive state of disseminated cells \(\bar {a}^{D}\) [Eq. (4)] in equilibrium (k=1000) as a function of the adhesion heterogeneity parameter γ for α=1). \(\bar {a}^{D}\) decreases significantly with higher γ-values for all four scenarios (p<0.001). For fixed γ-values, \(\bar {a}^{D}\) is always significantly higher for scenarios III and IV (α=0, CONTROL ) than for scenarios I and II (α=1, CONTROL +, p<0.01). See Additional files 6 and 7 for full statistics. b The plot shows the difference between mean adhesion phenotypes in the distance measure d a [Eq. (5)] as a function of the adhesion heterogeneity parameter γ. Significance levels are similar to (a). See Additional files 8 and 9 for full statistics. Colours of data points are in accordance with scenario colours in Fig. 3

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