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Fig. 2

From: Bacterial tail anchors can target to the mitochondrial outer membrane

Fig. 2

A proliferation-based assay suggests that the ElaB and YqjD TAs are membrane inserted. Strain MaV203, containing a Gal4-driven HIS3 gene, was transformed with plasmids expressing Gal4-sfGFP-Fis1p (b100), a variant lacking the Fis1p TA (b101), a mutant containing the A144D charge substitution in its TA (b180), or the Gal4-sfGFP-Fis1p construct with the Fis1p TA replaced with that of either ElaB (b313) or YqjD (b314). MaV203 was also transformed with empty vector pKS1. Transformants were cultured in SC-Trp medium, then, following serial dilution, spotted to SC-Trp or SMM-His +20 mM 3-AT and incubated for 2 d

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