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Fig. 1

From: TFAP2A is a component of the ZEB1/2 network that regulates TGFB1-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition

Fig. 1

The transcriptional networks inferred from different EMT systems. Motif–motif interaction networks derived from mouse (a) and human (b) datasets. An arrow was drawn from a motif A to a motif B if motif A was consistently (across datasets from the corresponding species) predicted to regulate a transcriptional regulator b that is known to bind motif B. The probability product that A targets b is reflected by the thickness of the line. For readability, only motifs with an absolute z-score > 2.0 and having at least one interaction with another such motif (with a target probability product > 0.35 for human and > 0.15 for mouse) are depicted. The color intensity of the nodes representing motifs is proportional to the significance of the motif given by its z-score. Red indicates increased and green indicates decreased activity upon EMT

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