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Fig. 1

From: Adaptive multiscapes: an up-to-date metaphor to visualize molecular adaptation

Fig. 1

Basic elements in the construction of the adaptive multiscape metaphor. a Schematic representation of the space of genotypes. Two genotypes are linked if they are at a distance of one mutational move. b Unfolding of the genotype space into different phenotypes in a given environment. Each group contains all genotypes (colored) that yield the same phenotype. Links joining two genotypes in the same phenotype permit neutral evolution; links joining genotypes in different phenotypes (not explicitly shown) represent mutational moves causing changes in the phenotype. Only the network structure matters to describe population dynamics. c Synthetic representation of genotype networks as circles with area proportional to phenotype size. Thickness of arrows between pairs of phenotypes represents the likelihood to attain the target phenotype conditional on being on the departure phenotype. Those links are asymmetric and weighted. In a given environment, the fitness of each phenotype is color coded, from low (blue) to high (red)

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