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Fig. 6

From: Importins promote high-frequency NF-κB oscillations increasing information channel capacity

Fig. 6

Analysis of three alternative models. Model without explicit implementation of importins (blue), model considering NF-κB–importin binding (analysed throughout this paper - orange) and a more detailed model in which the process of importin dissociation from NF-κB after translocation is not immediate, but has a finite rate 0.003/s (green). A protocol with two 10-min pulses of TNFα (10 ng/ml) at 60-min interval is analysed. a Deterministic trajectories of nuclear NF-κB and total IκBα for each model. b, c Parameter analysis: height of the second NF-κB translocation peak (as a fraction of the first peak height - solid line) and IκBα second minimum (normalised to concentration before stimulation - dashed line) are plotted against the varying NF-κB import rate (b) and NF-κB–IκBα binding rate (c). Other parameters are set to default values

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