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Fig. 5

From: Importins promote high-frequency NF-κB oscillations increasing information channel capacity

Fig. 5

Transmission of information. NF-κB responses to 10 min 10 ng/ml TNFα pulses, that occur (or not) at the beginnings of subsequent 4 time intervals of length T, equal respectively 45 min (first column), 60 min (second column), 90 min (third column). Each of 16 sequences of 4 “true” or “false” TNFα pulses carry 4 bits of information. Simulations show that this information can be reliably transmitted for T ≥ 60 min, i.e., each “true” TNFα pulse is visible in the NF-κB nuclear fraction for almost all cells, while “false” pulses do not induce any response

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