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Fig. 4

From: Importins promote high-frequency NF-κB oscillations increasing information channel capacity

Fig. 4

Model validation. a, b Scatter plots showing evolution of total IκBα/total (NF-κB) ratio and nuclear NF-κB/total NF-κB in response to 10 ng/ml TNFα. a Experiment-based scatter plots are based on quantified confocal images shown in Additional file 4. For each time point, boundaries of 50 stained cells and their nuclei were manually determined and IκBα and NF-κB were quantified. Dots represent single cells, squares represent averages over confocal images, crosses represent confocal images (see Additional file 4) from which single cells were analysed. b Simulation-based scatter plots were obtained in stochastic model simulations. c Model simulated time profiles of total IκBα/total NF-κB and nuclear NF-κB/total versus experimental data. Black bold line shows average over 300 stochastic simulations, colour lines show single-cell stochastic simulations. Open squares represent average over confocal images, filled squares represent mean over 5 frames

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