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Fig. 3

From: Importins promote high-frequency NF-κB oscillations increasing information channel capacity

Fig. 3

Numerical simulations. a Time profiles of active IKK (IKKa), total IκBα, nuclear NF-κB, IκBα mRNA, A20 mRNA, and total A20 in response to 10 ng/ml TNFα stimulation. Bold red line denotes deterministic stimulation, bold black line denotes average over 300 stochastic simulations, 5 thin colour lines show single cell stochastic simulations. TNFα stimulation starts at time = 0 and lasts till 300 min. b Stochastic (thin colour lines), deterministic (bold red line) and population average (bold black line) time profiles of total IκBα and nuclear NF-κB in response to pulsed 10 ng/ml TNFα stimulation. The simulation protocols correspond to repeated TNFα pulses in experiment performed by Zambrano et al. [40]: 22.5-min TNFα stimulation, 22.5-min break; 30-min TNFα stimulation, 30-min break; 30-min TNFα stimulation, 60-min break; 30-min TNFα stimulation, 150-min break

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