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Fig. 7

From: xHMMER3x2: Utilizing HMMER3’s speed and HMMER2’s sensitivity and specificity in the glocal alignment mode for improved large-scale protein domain annotation

Fig. 7

Boxplots of total, fold-critical and remnant E-values of the unmatched 389 domain hits from UniProt/SwissProt human sequences. The baseline for significance is marked by the dotted horizontal line of -1. The first two boxplots from the left shows that the median HMMER2 E-values are more significant than that of HMMER3. But when the fold-critical E-values of the pair data are considered (see centre two boxplots), the opposite is observed. In hindsight, the opposite trend is attributed to the heavily penalized remnant E-values of HMMER3 (last two from left) which causes the total HMMER3 E-values to be lowered

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